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The Knockout Interview

Make an Impact. 

You’ve secured an interview – brilliant! This is your opportunity to shine and stand out from the crowd. 

Ever wondered how some people slam dunk interviews and others crash and burn? Interviews can be nerve-wracking but there are strategies to help and here are some of our knockout tips!

  • First impressions count. Greet your interviewer with a smile and a confident handshake. Be well-presented and early. It will have an impact. 

  • Build rapport. It may help to know that some interviewers are nervous too. Have a positive conversation starter ready when you first meet. We know the walk to the interview room can be a long one so say something a little more interesting than ‘how are you enjoying the weather?' Give a compliment, for example: 'Your receptionist was really welcoming and friendly' or 'You are in a really convenient location as it didn't take me long to get here at all'.

  • Be prepared. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to respond to questions and share what value you will bring to the organisation. A great way to prepare is to consider the key requirements for the role and prepare examples of where you have performed well in those areas

  • The follow-up. We conduct hundreds of interviews and are always impressed if we receive an email from the applicant after their interview confirming that they are interested in the role and would be keen to progress if we felt they were a fit. This is a great opportunity to stay at the forefront of the interviewer's mind and to professionally make contact in a non-pushy way.

Interview Coaching Sessions.

Book an Interview Coaching Session and you will walk away knowing how just three little words will help you deliver The Knockout Interview.

  • Our 90-minute one-on-one interview coaching sessions are delivered by an expert coach with 20+ years of industry experience.
  • Completely personalised session with practice interview questions tailored to a role or your sector.
  • Learn how to communicate your strengths and effectively pitch your potential value to prospective employers.
  • Immediate on-the-go feedback that is robust, constructive and practical.
  • Learn how to provide examples of the contributions you've made to organisations. 
  • Clear and effective advice around search techniques to maximise your job hunting. 
  • Follow up written feedback with a summary of techniques and areas to focus on.

You will leave feeling confident and knowing how to take your interview performance to the next level. Each session is tailored to you. Whether you're transitioning to a new career or wanting to improve your hiring prospects,
Davies Stewart believes in building you!

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