The 60 Second CV

Make your resume your #1 marketing tool.

In 60 seconds your resume could make or break your chances of success. There are some common principles that will apply here and everyone has their own view on what makes a great resume. Here are a couple of our basics, but if you want some more serious help to make that first 60 seconds count we can help you market your individual brand and avoid the 'NO' pile. 

  • Stand out. Simple, sleek and elegant. You only have one chance to make an impression. Use short paragraphs, dot points, and remember white space is your friend.  

  • Fit the criteria.  Tailor your resume to each new job. List the key things that are in the job ad and showcase your relevant skills and experience. 

  • Ramp up the socials. Think beyond a resume, include a current URL and make sure your professional online profile and resume are consistent. Showcase your networks!

  • Why Write a Cover Letter?  A cover letter can demonstrate to a hiring manager that you will go the extra mile and that you are invested in your application. If you do include one make sure you address the person by their name. Don’t tell them what you need – tell them how you can fill their need and why you would add value to them.

  • What Employers Want. Demonstrate what made you valuable in your last role. How did you impact on that organisation and what did you achieve. List three to five key achievements under each job position.

At a Glance.

If you want to tap into some serious expertise to help you build your resume, our consulting staff understand design, layout, content and how to market your skills and experience. Our Resume Service will help you capture the attention of your reader, increasing your chance of landing that interview. Make those first 60 seconds count!

Standard Package

This is for entry to mid-level roles and Includes a 20 minute telephone or face to face meeting with your Consultant. You will be provided with a professionally prepared MS Word resume (up to 5 pages) and covering letter template

Fundamental Package

This package is for executive and technical roles and includes a 30 minute telephone or face to face meeting with your Consultant. You will be provided with a professionally prepared MS Word resume (up to 8 pages), covering letter template and feedback on your LinkedIn Profile

Intensive Package

Ideally suited to those seeking a career change or intensive support around structuring a resume. This package includes a 45 minute telephone or face to face meeting with your Consultant where they will draw out the information required to build a compelling resume. You will also get some practical tips around interview techniques. You will be supplied with a MS Word resume and a covering letter (up to 8 pages) as well as reviewing and providing feedback on your LinkedIn Profile

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