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Hiring the right fit for your business.

Posted on 18th January 2019 by Trudy Dickson

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Can you answer the question “Describe your workplace culture, values and business goals”? 

It seems obvious, but if you haven’t defined this then it’s likely to be difficult to successfully hire the right fit for your business. You will have a unique way of operating, interacting with customers and approaching business – this makes up your workplace culture.​

It’s not always easy finding the right people for your unique business. It’s key to know what you are looking for before you start looking.

Studies consistently show that leadership is a key reason for joining, or leaving a business, so having a clearly translatable and consistent message about your goals and your culture is one way to engage staff and it helps you focus on the experience, skills and behavioural traits you want to hire.

I feel really fortunate to have worked with some amazing people over the past few decades and having the right people around you in business can make you or break you. Getting the best team to support you to reach your business goals is more than a skills and experience assessment. It’s important to find people that have similar values, motivations and goals – people that will want to be a part of your vision. Don’t be afraid of some diversity in your team though. Staying challenged and introducing new ways of thinking can add a lot of value.

Be realistic about your business too. It’s a short term strategy to promise the world and then not deliver. You not only risk damaging the relationship with the new hire but damaging your brand and reputation in the wider candidate market space.

My top 5 hiring tips.

  • Plan and be clear about your business goals, values, and direction – this is what leads you to what you’re looking for in your hire

  • Don’t waiver from the qualities and experience you seek in your team – the best of an average group isn’t the best!

  • Have someone with great interview experience helping you

  • Understand your candidate’s motivations and goals and make sure they match what you can offer – your hire doesn’t just have to be amazing, they have to be amazing for your business

  • Have a great on-boarding strategy and follow through with regular reviews over the first few months